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FAST INTERVIEW to Natalia Kaczkowska - Interviews to read in 5 minutes!

These week we interviewed to Natalia Kaczkowska, a flatland rider from Lodz, Poland. She  talked us about her skimboard life. Discover it!

Name: Natalia Kaczkowska

Age: 19

Born in: Lodz, Poland (but some thinks that in China)

Actually living in: Lodz

Married? No

Kids? No

Since when skimboarding? Since 2008, I think so.

What is for you Skimboard, what Flatland Skimboard? Skimboard is for me a great opportunity to spent time in active way with wonderful people.

Goals for 2011/2012? Practice ski and snowboard, travel to new places, and also open first skim school in my town.

Best trip ever? No doubt it was trip to Otwock for Swider Skimboard Contest. There were everyone from Poland in one “hotel”, doing mess all night and skimming next day in great conditions. The best before party ever !!

Have you been in Spain? Unfortunately, I haven’t, but I hope I will have a chance. Maybe next year? J

Best trick, or trick you would like to do? I would like to do 36o’s pop, bs shove-it in to bs shove-it out.

Is flatland skimboard harder for a girl than for a boy? And if not, why are only some few girls doing skimboard ? I think it isn’t, but boys have better conditions for it. They have also different attitude. Moreover a lot of them had earlier tryed skateboard or snowboard so it was later a big help. But don’t worry guys, we’re following you !

What do you think about European Skimboard? I think that European Skimboard has big level. Everyone try to do new tricks, built extra boxes and encourage people to see what really Skimboard means. During summer there’re a lot of contests and jams for example Polish Skimboarding Open 2011, which is one of the biggest events in whole Europe or even world J There were only two editions but the level of skimming has jumped very much.

And about US Skimboard? US Skimboard is as good as European. Of course boys from DB deserve for attention. What they do on flat and boxes is really groove.

Do you admire someone? Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak, Lindsey Vonn

Your biggest personal achievement? Third place on Polish Skimboarding Open 2011

What do you love? Winter, summer, eating, sports, my friends,  chilling

What do you hate? Waking up early

Your favorite song? I like a lot of songs, for example “We are your friends” -Justice

Favorite food? Pizza, chinese food

So, now you´re free to say something, whatever you want !

Greetings for all Skimboarders and people with pasion !! Especially my all friends of Polish teams like Fncy Fair, SeventyOne, Hasan, KonarPro, Sb54 and Pakalolo !

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