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INTERVIEW TO Adam Chrabąszcz - Owner SeventyOne Skimboarding

1.    Name: Adam Chrabąszcz

2.    Age: 27

3.    Born in: Wrocław, Poland

4.    Actually living in: Wrocław, Poland

5.    Married? Nope

6.    Kids? None

7.    Since when skimboarding? 3 years

8.    Since when building Skimboards?: 3 years

9.    What is for you Skimboard, what Flatland Skimboard?
In Poland Skimboard equals Flatland, most of the time. Although we have a very large shore line in Poland, it's still a see, not the ocean, so we don't get many big waves.

For me, personaly, skimboard is a great thing to do when there's no wind and I can't go kiting or wakeboarding ;)

10. How  and why do you took the decision of doing Skimboards?
The first idea was very simple – let's do it for money. Creating skimboards seemed very cheap to do.. at first. As it came out, it wasn't as cheap and as easy at it supposed to be ;)

    Later it came out, that we're making some kickass boards so we cary on with it ;)

11. How big is your team (employees) ?

The core team consists of riders, who have a major impact on our boards. These are Klaudia Bracisiewicz, Filip Susmanek, Michal Tomasiczek and Mateusz Zadorożny.
    We have a production facility with a few workers and a great set of graphic designers.

12. Location of the fabric?

Wrocław, Poland, but we're changing things up for the upcoming year.

13. Preferred material for the fabrication of skimboards?

Wood and EVA

14. What was the strangest thing you had to build, perhaps a cement board? :

One of our prototype wakeskate boards was a big monster, with a weight of 5kilos? Or so ;) strictly made from wood.

15. Goals for 2011/2012?

     Getting out some wakeskates finally and getting more involved into the wake&kite scene and into clothing.

16. What do you think about European Skimboard?

      I think that the sport is evolving. More and more big events are made, which helps the sport grow.

17.  And about Polish Skimboard?

      Personally, I think that in Flatland, Poland rox and the rider level is top notch. This is mostly in the jibbing    
      scene, since Poland is known for it's jibbing skills in all board related sports.

      In wave, well.. we don't have waves ;)

18.  Do you admire someone?

      Recently, from the wake scene, the young Daniel Grant.

19. Your biggest personal achievement?

      Still to come, I think ;)

20. What do you love?

      Having a board under my feet.

21.  What do you hate?


22.  So, now you´re free to say something, whatever you want !

      It's great to watch how the sport evolves and how people have plenty of fun skimboarding. That gives us   
      motivation to push our own products to a higher level.

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