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Enter Reflex Skimboard Portugal's World

Skimboard brands have different philosophies and viewpoints, not only in customer focus, but also in the technological section. These differences create a wide range of products aimed at different preferences and types of wave.

One of the newest brands in the world of skimboarding transmits this combination of technology, creativity and experience. This is the new company Reflex Skimboads Portugal.

Newly established in April 2011, reflects the ideas of riders with lots of experience and passion for skimboarding.

Among its members are in first place (to establish order and hierarchy) Hugo Santos the winner of many events and European skimboard legend. In second place and also famous Lino Curado. The team is complete by Pedro Lopez (AKA Pinto) Ricardo Raio. From the union of all its members, whose backs have between all 50 years of experience, creates Reflex Skimboards.

The who's who of Reflex Skimboard

Lino Curado is the principal shaper of Reflex Skimboards. He is responsible and careful manual work that is required for the production of a good skimboard. From models beginners to high-end models (the PRO), invests all his knowledge and years of experience as a rider and shaper in the manufacture of skimboard.

Hugo Santos, as experimentadísimo rider in all types of waves. He is responsible for the design and development of skimboard models, focusing on all types of wave. The rails, thickness, rocker, and the endurance and performance are tested by Hugo to ensure a perfect handling and great buoyancy.

Pedro Lópes is the principal designer and head of the new image and fresh. This allows the manufacture of skimboard with a custom image and unique, tailored to the personal tastes of the riders. The above with the experience gained through their successes as a competitor to skimboard at European level, has given him a unique design which follows the love of the sport that unites us.

And finally, Ricardo Raio, an equally important part than before.With their expertise in the "Marketplace" allows Relflex Skimboards produce boards of high technology and manufactured with the finest materials at a very reasonable and competitive. This allows customers to have the best possible price with the best quality in the products they buy.


The range has 10 models Relfex Skimboards different from the model for beginner just starting to skimboard to high-end models for experienced professionals who need the best to enjoy the skimboard. The existence of different models to choose the appropriate board allows for different levels quickly and intuitively.

The series B models are aimed at beginners the series for those who want to catch the first wave. The TOP, top models, made of materials that guarantee maximum strength and performance. Finally, the series PRO, manufactured according to the needs of more experienced riders.

Skimboards Reflex is growing. It shows that even very young is a brand is at the level of competing with the highest marks. For those looking to practice free boards skimboard, or demonstrate their potential in any competition, Reflex Skimboards is your board.

The Blog From Voodoo Skimboard invite you to you to try these magnificent boards and then tell us your sensations.


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