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Interview + video to Xavi Nácher, “Momentos” Project (moments project) creator

This week Voodoo Skimboard The Blog interview Xavi Nácher, creator / director / editor of the audiovisual project "MOMENTS" as well as create and develop the contents of the website www.skimlevante.com. In this interview we will focus specifically on the project "MOMENTS", a project that could be described as shocking and care.

Momentos Cuatro from xavier nacher on Vimeo.

- Name: Xavi Nácher

- Location: Gandia, Valencia (Spain).

- Skim Years Riding: around six years.

- VSTB - Explain us, how did the project "moments" born? What did you want to convey?

- Xavi Nácher - The idea came in the summer of 2010 after watching a funny skim session on the Puçol beach (Valencia, Spain). There was little material to edit, I recorded two bad waves of Ripo. It wasn’t his fault because the cover protection of the camera gave me lots of problems. The fact is that: in a few images we record our vision of skimboard: fun and laughter “moments” with good company.

On this basis together with the slow progression of our skim  we are trying to promote this sport l the locally and (why not) nationally.

- VSTB - Who are the riders who usually participate in the videos?

- Xavi Nácher – We record anyone who is close to the beach. Usually I  record Ripo, Javi, Josep, and soon Alex Dario.

- VSTB - How long does it take to record a video?

- Xavi Nácher - Normally one day. The idea is to convey the moments of the session of that day.
MMX is excluded because it’s a summary of the year.

- VSTB – Do you record all the videos on your own?

- Xavi Nácher – No. All of us (Ripo, Javi, Josep) I caught the camera and record a bit.

Personally, it’s very difficult to devote the time that one would like.Especially if what you see through the camera also like. Many times I've been psyched about recording, but when I see someone catch a wave dismount the camera and I ran into the water.

- VSTB - How do you decide who records?

- Xavi Nácher – “The Lucky’s Goddess”. Last year some of us (Ripo, Javi, Josep and I) were injured and we spent time doing records. Josep won the prize because was long time knee injured and spent all free time on becah recording.

During this fatal period, Javi and I skim freely on Tavernes beach (Valencia, Spain). When Josep didn’t come we used the rotation method: "I do 3 or 4 attempts to caught the wave and then I take me on camera." At the end is a nuisance but as in those 3 or 4 races then give it all you have time to rest, record, watch and cheer or boo laughing his companion.

- VSTB - How do you edit videos?

- Xavi Nácher - basically I choose the music, and cut-paste the images what I think is doing better. And once I have the mount I decorated it with transitions, effects and color corrections.

- VSTB - I want to emphasize the high quality videos you do (and our fans have been able to check) and music too. Now I want to focus on the theme of music.
Where do you find the inspiration to choose the best music hit for the video? Explain us how the process works.

- Xavi Nácher - Interesting. On occasion I think Its more dificult find the specific song than edit the images of the video. Overall, I like the music have changes of rhythm and effects: it makes that I can play with the image. At last, the music choice is based on what you want transmit. In“Momentos Cuatro “ (moments four) I  choosed soft music to transmit a moment of calm.

- VSTB - Can you reveal when will be the next video? 

- Xavi Nácher – Now “Momentos” Project is making a little break. For now, though no date may be late summer for a surprise.

- VSTB – Tell us the last words of the interview

- Xavi Nácher - As you say Voodoo, Good Karma and Skim.

If you want to watch the remainder of videos of the "Momentos” Project click next link: http://skimlevante.com/momentos-skim/, plus additional content such as spots, wave forecasting, among others. Voodoo Skimboard The Blog wish him all the best and get very far because, as you can watch in videos made by the Valencian deserves it

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